8th Symposium
of the International Society of the History of Radiology

28 Sept 2019
Brussels celebrates
Sir Godfrey Hounsfield

Held to mark the centenary of the birth of Sir Godfrey Hounsfield,
inventor of Computed Tomography

Guest lecture by the vice-president BSR: Dr. Denis Henroteaux

Inventors & development of CT

Allan MacLeod Cormack, CT Scan and independent
discoveries in the history of science

Dr. Sc. Brigitte Van Tiggelen

Godfrey Hounsfield - celebrating the centenary of his birth

Mrs. Liz Beckmann

The first CT in Belgium - 6th in the world

Prof. Dr. Michel Collard

Early evolution of Computed Tomography: From neuro- to
head & neck CT

Prof. Dr. Ir. Frans Zonneveld

Current progresses in CT

Mr. Renaat Van den Broeck

Digging in the Belgian past

Opening lecture by the co-president of the new
Historical Section of the Belgian Society of Radiology

Dr. Didier De Surgeloose

Whiplash injury in 1568

Prof. Dr. Koen Verstraete

Stobart Unit in Antwerp in 1914

Prof. Dr. Adrian Thomas

Short history of the Belgian Society of Radiology and his Journal

Prof. Dr. Jacques Pringot

History of the Neighbouring Radiological Societies

A history of the Brithsh Institute of Radiology

Dr. Arpan K. Banerjee

The beginning and development of radiology in Germany

Dr. Sc. Uwe Busch

The French Society of Radiology: Past, present, future

Prof. Dr. Denis Krausé

History of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Radiologie and of its Historical Commission

Dr. Kees J.L.R. Vellenga

Closing Lecture co-president of the new Historical Section BSR

Dr. Jean-Paul Joris

Hounsfield Symposium
Auditorium Military Hospital Queen Astrid

Organised at

The Belgian Museum of Radiology

Military Hospital Queen Astrid
Bruynstreet 200
1120 Brussels (Belgium)

Annual General Meeting of ISHRAD

Room Dr. Dupont - Radiology Dept. - Military Hospital Queen Astrid

Reception of the international participants of the ISHRAD event

René Van Tiggelen, MD

Renaat Van den Broeck

Welcome by Director Military Hospital Queen Astrid

Col. Wouter Weuts, MD

Chairman: Alfredo Buzzi

Vice chairman: Uwe Busch

Secretary: Adrian Thomas

Treasurer: Arpan Banerjee


Guided tour at the Belgium Museum of Radiology

Social Event

Dinner at a restaurant in the neighbourhood of the Museum

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